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Different Types of Garage Door Drive Systems

Different Types of Garage Door Drive Systems
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Garage doors aren’t operated by magic, in case you were wondering. When you press the remote control, you are actually sending signals to the door opener that triggers the descent of the counterbalances attached. This would enable the door to open so you can drive your car in or go out. Man has finally made the access and use of garage doors easier through innovations over the years.Roll Up Garage Door

What actually pullsan electric aluminum door up or drop it down? If you had vertical lift doors, your mechanism would be composed of the electric opener and a torsion spring that causes the panels to go up. However, overhead doors, on the other hand, are manipulated by a drive system that is connected to you electric opener. Most homeowners have belt drives that operate similar to how the chains of a bike make the wheels move. Others utilize the chain drive which is similar to the belt drive but can lift heavier garage doors.

Choose the drive system that is suitable for your home and caters to your requirement

Each type of drive system has its own advantages. For example, the belt drive is the most premium of all door drives because its mechanism is more stable than any other type. The chain drive tends to be the most popular since it is the most affordable drive system in the market. There is, of course, the third type of drive system called the screw drive which is quieter than the others and is more advisable for tilting one piece doors. Choosing a garage door is really dependent on the customer and his specific needs.

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