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Find all the information you need when it comes to garage doors and various garage door parts right here. This FAQ page will be able to give you a small glimpse of all you need to know about various topics. This page contains a compilation of all the common concerns we get from customers and their answers to help you understand garage doors more.

Is it really necessary to hire professional garage door service?

Yes! Garage door is the largest moving part of your home, and the most used point of entry. This means that proper garage door installation is critical. Professional garage door service providers are trained and well experienced in this field. They perform the installation process correctly and efficiently.

How do I determine if I need garage door replacement or simply a repair service?

The best way to address this concern is to contact your reliable garage door service provider and have them inspect your door’s condition. Sometimes, the one that needs replacement is not really the door but only the garage door opener.

How do I choose the best opener for my garage?

You can read reviews of the most popular units in the market and narrow down your choice by determining the right size and type you need. Door openers have mainly three types, the chain-drive, belt-drive and screw-drive systems. The quietest of the three is the belt-driven system.

Why doesn’t the garage door move when the motor is running?

Check the torsion or extension springs first. Most likely, you have a broken spring and it should be replaced right away. Alternatively, the trolley might be broken. If it moves along the rail, but the door stays in place, it should be replaced. In general, you must not use the door when it has a broken component as the problem may get worse. Wait until the part is replaced.

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