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Get to know the pros and cons of steel and glass garage doors with these tips

Protect kids from accidents

Children can be easily hurt in the garage and since you cannot forbid their entrance, you must keep the garage door in good condition. Our specialists in Rosemount recommend hiding the garage door clicker and placing the wall switch at a point where they cannot reach it.

Disconnect the opener before repairs

If you decide to repair garage door parts or even inspect them, remember the importance of disconnecting the electric opener first. This way, you can check and fix your overhead door without worrying that someone will activate the opener without you knowing it and you'll also avoid electrocution.

Maintain the garage door opener

Garage door opener maintenance should be done monthly. The garage door is operated manually, while limits and force is adjusted when necessary. The safety features are tested, especially the reversing mechanism. The sensor should detect obstructions and the door should stop closing. The door should always open or close completely.

Regular inspection is very important for a functional door

If you do not want to suffer from costly and frequent repairs, it is smart to invest in regular maintenance. It is recommended that you perform a thorough assessment of the unit as well as troubleshooting of any minor repairs every quarter to ensure a smooth and enjoyable operation.

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